Starting a Session

This is what we are here for! This guide will show you how to start a session in the app.

There are 2 primary methods for starting a session in the app:-
  • Picking a scheduled session from the calendar, or
  • Adding manually

Adding a session from the calendar
If you have the show on calendar option set in you training program options, the sessions will automatically appear on their scheduled days relative to when you started the program.
Simply select the training day by clicking on the day number in the calendar and then click the Add to Calendar button for the displayed session.
Add to Calendar
The session is now placed on the calendar and ready to be started by clicking Start Session.
Start Session
If you added the session by mistake then you have 2 options:-
  • Move it to a different day, or
  • Delete it
Note that deleting a session simply removes it from the calendar. The planned session will still be present.

Adding a session manually
If you don't have a fixed training schedule then you can add sessions to the calendar from the currently active plan by clicking the Add a Session on the day you wish to perform the session.
Add a Session

You'll then have the option to select from a list of active programs (set in My Programs). Once you select a program, the list of available sessions will populate. Select a session and click Start! The same Start Session button will appear on the calendar.

Note that this list will only include sessions that have not previously been logged. If a session is missing then it has already been added to the calendar and must be moved to the desired day. The default day the session will be added to is the day selected.
Selecting a session to perform

Happy training!

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