Using Teams

Once you have created a Team it's time to put it to use!

Teams support a wide variety of ways to communicate and share content.

In the Trainer area select Teams from the sidebar and click on the team name you want to begin adding content to.

Discussions and Discussion Categories
Discussions are Forum topics. Discussion Categories are a way to group Discussions. Use Discussions to ask questions / request feedback from members.

Select from a list of current clients and add them to the Team.

Select from a list of all published programs and assign them to the Team

Articles, Resources and Videos
First, create content using the Content menu and then share it with Team members here.  When sharing you'll have the option to time-release the content. You have 3 options:-
  • Specify the (relative) week from which the content will become available. This will be relative to the join date of the member. For example, if you specify Week 2 then the content will be available in the second week after the member joined the Team.
  • Specify a from date. The content will be available to all members after this date regardless of when they joined the team.
  • Specify a to date. The content will be available to all members for a limited amount of time.
Remember to only specify one option.

Articles in How-to Guides