Client Pre-Training Survey

The Client Pre-Training Survey gives you, as a Coach, the opportunity to gain an insight into how your clients are feeling prior to their training sessions. You can then tune their training programs so that they can get the most out of their training.

From the Coach's Area navigate to Settings -> General and you'll see the option to require client readiness.

If this option is enabled, all clients will be prompted to complete a survey for the first session on that day. The survey is short with only 5 questions, however the option has been provided for the client to skip it and continue directly into their training. We'll leave enforcing compliance to you!

Conversely, if the option is not enabled, there will be no prompt to complete a survey for a session.

As a coach you can check in on your client's responses in 2 ways:-
  1. In the Coach's dashboard. Each session will display the results of the survey
  2. Navigate to Reports-> Readiness to get an overview of all responses provided by your clients

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