How to sync your training calendar with third-party calendars

You can sync your training calendar with your personal or business calendar to keep track of your schedule in one place.

Which calendars are supported?
Your training calendar can sync with these calendar programs:
  • Google
  • iCloud/Apple

What syncs between calendars?
  • Currently only planned sessions will sync to your third-party calendar.

Sync with one third-party calendar
  • From the calendar, click the horizontal 3-dot menu in the top right and select My Calendars
  • Select the calendar that you want to sync. This will be the calendar to which the training program has already been added
  • In the section Subscribe to this calendar via... select either Apple or Google
    • For Apple, simply click the Apple link and the Calendar app should open directly
    • For Google, follow the 4 steps listed below the link

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